Written by Nikki Curtis, inspired by the journey she underwent with SOSA Yoga Teacher Training (SOSA Graduate, April 2017)

Today I choose to open my eyes and this time I see me. I see all of me – the light, the shadows, the parts forgotten. Because now I know, I am exactly who and where I am supposed to be. I am being guided but I am also deciding to be seen today. To take off the masks of protection and be seen. I see all of me.

Mother Earth – before this day I did not see you, I did not hear you, I did not feel the gifts you so selflessly gave me every day. You have taught me what it means to be unconditionally loved. You have been the support that I’ve been searching for in everything but you. You’ve been my rock, my breath, my life. You’ve seen me this whole time. You see all of me and now I see you.

Cosmos – before this day I felt destined to wander aimlessly. To be alone, to control my environment, to map my own way. You’ve shown me the power of surrender and the power of trust in something other than myself. To be one with others and yet solid in my beautifully unique path. Though the journey hasn’t always been easy, it’s taken me here. To the exact spot I am supposed to be as the exact woman I was born to be. You’ve been the cartographer guiding me this whole time. You see all of me and even more, you see what I will become. 

SOSA Tribe – teachers, students, friends.
You’ve allowed me to find my elements, to take off the veil of giving orders and find the voice of a girl that forgot how to be a woman. You’ve seen me shine, you’ve seen me cry, you’ve seen me retreat. But whatever the state, you’ve seen me. For that I am eternally grateful, forever changed, and able to walk with courage rather than a mask. Thank you for seeing all of me and for accepting all of me. 

Today I am reborn and I see me.