Re-awakening to the Indigenous Soul

For eons humans walked the Earth knowing that She held secrets vital to nourishing the depths of our being, that She herself could navigate us back home. Those who could listen deeply were gifted the ability to tap the treasures contained in the depths. These listeners, these seers, these shamans designed rituals and practices for the rest of us, which involved movement of body, stillness of mind, and/or the imbibing of sacred substances in ceremony, with each method being informed by, and as a way to merge back into, Spirit.

Disguised within a multiplicity of forms, reverberating through diverse civilizations, flavored by their particular time and place, infused by the energetic frequencies of the land herself and further nourished by reciprocity and right relationship, the underlying essence of all of these practices is the same…to be fully present, to behold all that is with an open heart and a quiet mind, and to act, when action is required, from this place of expansion and clarity.

Now, for whatever reasons, we have stumbled far off course. And we suffer accordingly, a species seemingly adrift. Nevertheless, through tens if not hundreds of thousands of years, various native cultures have continued to protect the sacred paths that lead to healing and wholeness, despite enormous pressures and burdens.

If we are hungry enough, we can follow the bread crumbs left for us by these wise and compassionate beings throughout history and watched over by these humble stewards whose cultures have somehow managed to survive to this day.

These markers can bring us back to our true home, our authentic ground of Being, our True Self, so that we may live in greater service to ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth. We have the opportunity to re-awaken to the indigenous soul within.

Come join us at Sach’a Munay Retreat Center in the Sacred Valley of Peru, September 28 – October 8, 2016 for a unique deep self-inquiry immersion, fusing the yogic practices and meditations, accompanied by the sacred plant teachers of these lands.

Our team shares a wealth of experience from the Eastern spiritual traditions that include yoga and meditation along with earth-based spirituality from the North and South American indigenous lineages, either by birth/heritage and/or decades of saturation in these wisdom teachings.

Where the ‘Apus’ (‘The Luminous One’s, The Andes) hold space for our re-member-ing, where Sacred Waters flow to purify and bless us, where the Standing Ones (trees) ground us, where the hummingbirds inspire joy in our hearts…there we shall gather and together walk in the beauty of Being.

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