Payment Process


Events are priced individually. Once we have received, reviewed and approved your completed application, we will forward detailed payment instructions to you.

A non-refundable deposit of USD $500 is required to secure your registration for any event with us. The balance due must reach SOSA no later than one month prior to the commencement date; if not, your place may be offered to someone on the waiting list and you will forfeit the deposit.

Some residential trainings or retreats will require securing your booking at least three months in advance of the event. More information will be provided to you upon receiving your application.

Again, please be advised that our usual protocol is to first review, decide on your acceptance, notify you and then proceed with the payment process. Once approved, our preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer.

Please email us for details on transferring payments. We can be reached at or click here.

SOSA is committed to Social Responsibility, Justice & Empowerment

We seek ways to encourage and support those who are willing to empower not only themselves, but also the communities dearest to them, especially those that are underprivileged or disadvantaged. Therefore we are committed to ‘Paying it Forward’, in which we contribute to creating a culture of reciprocity, where giving and receiving forms a circuit that serves to uplift all of us together and honours the spirit of seva.

We regularly support 4 organizations that are close to our hearts. We have personal connections to each of these projects and know the integrity in which each one operates. Please consider supporting them along side us! 🙂


We are proud to support Art To Healing, an international not-for-profit who deliver psychological and emotional recovery of children and women who are recovering from sex slavery in Asia through holistic, trauma-informed expressive art therapies, counseling, somatic experiencing Ⓡ, yoga and mindfulness programs. Art to Healing works at the grassroots level to provide vital education and therapeutic care whilst strengthening local communities.

For every YTT we run, we donate a minimum of $150 which pays for one girl or woman to participate in this life changing program.

Within 2 years, Yoga For Freedom (YFF) has raised over $35,000 and they’ve helped over 2,000 women, children and girls. We all hope to continue rippling this work out into the world.


In Bali, we support our friends at Bumi Sehat. They operate three Community Health, Education and Childbirth Centers within Indonesia. At their clinics, they offer a comprehensive range of allopathic and holistic medicine, as well as pre and post-natal care, breastfeeding support, infant, child and family health services, nutritional education, pre-natal yoga and gentle, loving natural birth services.

Each baby’s capacity to love and trust is built at birth and in the first two hours of life. By protecting pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding, they advocate for optimal humanity, health, intelligence and consciousness.


For the animals in Bali, we honour and support the work of Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), a non-profit organisation based in Bali, Indonesia. BAWA directly relieves the suffering of animals by providing emergency response and rescue, food and medication, rehabilitation and adoption. BAWA practices humane population control, disease control and runs intensive education and advocacy programs for sustainable improvement to animal welfare now and into the future.

BAWA will respond to alerts of any animal in distress – from snakes to dolphins. A key focus is Bali’s Heritage Dog – the island’s genetically unique street dog that is under threat. BAWA is funded entirely by donations and relies heavily on a staff of dedicated volunteers.


In Peru, we support the Kusi Kawsay Association, which, in turn, operates three major projects. The first is the Kusi Kawsay Andean School, a school for indigenous children with elements of Waldorf pedagogy. The second project is the Kusi Ñan Organic Farm, started and run by some of the graduates of Kusi Kawsay School. And the third project is Ñawpa Ñan Cultural Events, which honors and preserves the traditional culture and values of Andean cosmovision, including honoring the Andean calendar and associated celebrations.


Due to the logistics required for planning an international Yoga Teacher Training our cancellation and refund policy is as follows:

  • ​The deposit is non-refundable (unless you are not accepted onto the program), but is transferrable to a later event. Tuition (less deposit) can be refunded in full, if notice is given 4 months or more from the commencement date of the training or event
  • ​If notification of not being able to attend a training or event / refund request is given within 8 weeks to 3 months ahead of training commencement date – a 50% tuition refund (less deposit) can be refunded. Extenuating circumstances may be considered
  • ​Beyond 6 weeks ahead of the commencement date, we regret that we are unable to provide any refund. Extenuating circumstances may be considered
  • ​Any refunds that have been negotiated on a one-to-one basis post event, must be claimed within one month of receiving confirmation of the refund or any prior agreement is null and void and funds remain with SOSA
  • ​In the unlikely event that the course you have registered for is cancelled, your money and your deposit will be returned minus an administrative fee of USD $100

Please note that this refund policy pertains only to the cost of the actual event. Arrangements, agreements, contracts and other obligations regarding accommodations, flights, travel documentation (including visas and/or passports) etc. are the responsibility of the participant/applicant.

SOSA owners, organizers, teachers and facilitators are not responsible for any personal injury or illness; please come prepared with your own health and/or travel insurance.