—most notably expressed in the large, corporate urban yoga studios now proliferating in developed nations—with it’s emphasis on fitness, strength, improved appearance and increased productivity, is a symptom of the current imbalance in the microcosm, our world, towards the masculine.

Ambition, striving, even competition all have their place of course. Indeed, being half of the equation, these qualities have been responsible for much of humanity’s enormous progress through the ages.

That said, it is the lack of the feminine dimension of being, the other half of the equation—such as contentment, acceptance, and sharing—that have made our world what it is today, a planet struggling to maintain it’s equilibrium.

It’s not about how ‘perfect’ your postures are, not about how intense your style is, it’s not even about the asanas, ultimately – they are simply a means to an end, a gateway into the deeper aspects of yoga.

And in these deeper aspects, we find the work becomes much more subtle, and yet more powerful. Here we find ourselves coming closer to Yoga as union, and thus, increasingly, we experience greater connection, equanimity, and harmony, all aspects of living in The Spirit. And what do these qualities have in common? They are all aspects of the Divine Feminine. Grow into them, and we survive and evolve as a species. Continue to deny them equal priority in our lives, and we suffer accordingly.

Feel your way into postures; work to find the ‘steady, comfortable seat’ within them as was the original intention. Back off of the physicality of the practice sometimes, the extreme edge, and open into the breath, the meditative aspects, of a practice.