Love & Musings from the School of Sacred Arts

Greetings SOSA Tribe!
May 2018 bring you more joy, light, wisdom, and beauty—and may you offer it the same in return. These are powerful times, volatile and impassioned, and our deepest prayer is that they are steps towards a brighter future for all beings.
We are 10 years old this year! What an amazing, inspiring, unpredictable and wild ride it’s been! We wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂
Friends, most all of us have a deep love, appreciation, and respect for Bali, and Bali really needs your help right now. Tourism is way down because of fear of the volcano, and many locals are hurting financially because of it.The reality is, Ubud is far enough away from Mount Agung so that there is no direct threat, and the local government has gone to great lengths to create contingency plans in case of any disruption or inconvenience due to the volcano’s activity.
Furthermore, right now there is much less traffic, less noise, everyone has more time for each other, prices are lower and everyone is all the more appreciative of the tourists who are here. In short, it’s a great time to visit.
For our April 1-28 YTT at the Yoga Barn, we’re offering to extend our Early Bird Discount to anyone referred to us by our alumni—in order to help encourage attendees at our training, and therefore, more customers for Balinese businesses. Just tell them to mention your name and the Early Bird Discount in their inquiry letter. (It’s only $3450 instead of the standard rate of $3650!). 

For more about our Bali YTT:
It’s a wonderful opportunity for your friends who heard all about your great experiences and have been waiting for something to move them ‘off the fence and onto the mat’!
Lastly, above and beyond all this, if you can spare any extra, even small amounts, to the charities that are serving the Balinese who are displaced by Agung’s recent activity, please do so. Here are a couple of our (vetted) favorites:
Bumi Sehat – a health and birthing clinic run by our friend, an inspiring and dedicated mid wife and winner of CNN Hero of the Year Ibu Robin Lim. We are privileged to run our SOSA YTT Pre-Natal workshop at Bumi Sehat led by SOSA trained facilitators!
Check out our last YTT group at Bumi Sehat!


BAWA – is dedicated to making the lives of animals on Bali better.BAWA teams are rescuing & relocating abandoned animals, as people are evacuated
from Bali’s Mount Agung.
Of course, we’d love to see you in Peru, Aug 7-17, for our annual Yoga & Medicine Immersion. Stay tuned for more info soon or get in touch with us directly if this calls to you. Simone is happy to dialogue with you regarding any and all curiosities or trepidations you’ve ever had around these kinds of practices. Rest assured we only work with the most trusted and experienced sacred plant medicine guides, and we’ll be right there with you through it all!

For more on our Peru immersion:
We love you, we cherish you, we honor you. And Yoda told us to pass this on:
May The Force Be With You, All-Ways’.
Simone, Troy, and the rest of the SOSA Yogis