The School of Sacred Arts’ Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program has been designed to encourage greater diversity and inclusion within the yoga community and to deepen the connection with our alumni who are already sharing the good word of SOSA! With it, we renew our pledge to raise global consciousness, serve our planet and to provide greater opportunities to those outside of the dominant culture.

More specifically, SOSA is committed to social responsibility, justice and empowerment, and we are seeking new ways to encourage and support those who are willing to empower not only themselves, but also the people dearest to us, which include those that are underprivileged or disadvantaged. We advocate this in the way we recruit our teams, through a curriculum that draws from different cultural lenses and wisdom traditions, through the organisations we work with, and in finding ways to give back to the communities that we as a body operate within.

Over the last decade SOSA has certified over 500 Yoga instructors from more than 50 countries around the globe and touched many more through our retreats, 100-hour modules and immersions. As you—our alumni—know, the molecular heart of SOSA’s ethos and teachings is this: through deep self-enquiry and realisation, our individual uniqueness and diversity is discovered, valued, and celebrated, allowing us to live and teach from the depths of our own, authentic self…thus freeing others to do the same.

We believe that diversity encourages inclusion. Through illuminating what is different in all of us, we are able to see our fundamental oneness with all beings and all things. It is not lost on us, however, that the mainstream representation of yoga often fails to acknowledge people of colour, disadvantage, disability, awareness for every body size and shape, queer and trans bodies and those that do not adhere to conventional gender norms. To us, it is imperative that all people—no matter their creed, race, religion, social economic status, gender or skin color—have teachers from their own communities to identify with so that they are seen, recognized, respected and represented. Such mirroring fosters community and creates safe spaces for healing, which in turn serves to bridge societal and self-imposed notions of separateness towards the understanding that we are all one.

As our Ambassador you will represent and embody our school and our teachings on the ground and via social media. Referrals to our trainings will receive discounts, so you can give to your friends and students, inspiring them to take the next step. You personally will receive a 20% discount on all future SOSA trainings and Bali Spirit Festival discount. This program will also serve to highlight the incredible work you are doing in the world, with the opportunity to guest blog for the SOSA website and be featured in our newsletter that is distributed to over 2000 like-minded beings.

Do you share this heart-felt objective to promote diversity and inclusion? Are you already working in, and with, underrepresented communities that, especially in today’s global climate, need the transformative healing tools that yoga provides? Do you feel passionate about helping create a more vibrant, truer reflection of all human life being represented within the yoga community? If so, we want to hear from you!

Email – With ‘your name’ and ‘Ambassador Tribe’ as the subject and tell us in 400 words or less:

Why you think you would make a great Ambassador for SOSA?

What was the most valuable lesson from your time with SOSA?

What communities you are working with or that are dear to you that you intend to work with?