What Should You Expect at Your First Yoga Retreat?

If you go to local yoga classes or follow videos online, you may be a little intimidated by the idea of immersing yourself in the practice for several days. However, for beginners and more seasoned yoga practitioners alike, retreats can be life-changing experiences. This is particularly true when you travel to idyllic destinations such as Peru.

Expect Intense, Daily Practice

Your daily routine features duties and responsibilities that keep you from devoting more than an hour to yoga each day. Yet, for hours at a time, you will be able to focus on your practice without your usual interruptions when you are on a retreat. You will also notice fast improvements and will develop new tools to use in your stressful daily life when you go back home.

Speaking of your stressful life, you will also get away from the stresses. Attending a yoga retreat gives you the chance to turn off your smartphone and other devices, though many places still give you access to Wi-Fi. Instead, you can focus on your inner connection while off the grid.

Meet New People

Since unity is at the heart of yoga, you will be able to connect on a deeper level with the like-minded individuals you encounter at the retreat. You will be surrounded by people who are committed fully to the mindfulness and benefits of unifying their whole selves. This is in stark contrast to practicing in a room full of strangers who are doing yoga for exercise before getting on with their hectic schedules.

You will also see new things. Both spiritually and physically, you will use new eyes to see things differently while also taking in the beautiful scenery. As you are immersed in yourself and the environment, your perspective will change.

Mastering new yoga postures is not the only activity at retreats. Many also give you the chance to try something new, such as deep sea diving, cave exploring, surfing, nature excursions, and hiking. It will be a real adventure just like other vacations. The adventure might even include the types of foods you eat. Most retreats have healthy culinary choices that draw from the local cuisine.

No two retreats are exactly the same. But, you can typically expect instructors and teachers with backgrounds you can research, meals, packages with planned activities, and a focus on a specific style of yoga. Some retreats only have one yoga class a day, while others have several. Plus, you may find some spots with sweat lodges, massage therapists, and spas on site. The key is to look for a trip that matches your interests.