FRIENDS … in a week I head back to Peru. I will be diving into a deep personal retreat of my own, working with some beautiful souls while being guided by the unimaginable wisdom and generosity I have continuously been shown by the sacred master plant teachers and those who tend to them. I have been on this path for almost a decade and don’t have words to really express what I have discovered within myself, how I relate to the world around me and Mother Nature’s gifts. The love and respect I hold for LIFE in all its forms has deepened immensely through this work….

…and I feel, we as a species are at a crisis point….

What if LIFE weren’t about feeling trapped in endless busy-ness, or a profound sense of disconnect resulting in fear or competition or destructiveness towards our fellow beings on this planet? What if Life were actually filled with MAGIC and guided from unseen realms? What if we had access to the tools and the Wise Ones to help us recognize the whispers of our HEARTs and we had the courage to live accordingly? We can envision a new way of BEing. It’s right here and it is time! Sometimes, we just need to be nudged along so we begin to sense and see the lesser trodden road, an invisible one. Among beloved friends, I have been walking this road and it is indeed MAGICAL! This invisible road, when we walk it, cultivates trust, connection, gentleness, and it brings alive the BEAUTY we do not see with ordinary eyes – all in the spirit of our inherent inter-connectedness.

“Life on Earth is at a turning point. The whole of Grand/Mother Earth and Her worlds are evolving. The worlds of Grandmother Earth refers to all realms of planet Earth – mineral, plant, animal, and human. We are all part of one organism, [one Spirit] and all of us are evolving, albeit at different rates. As humans, we need to evolve rapidly if we are to survive as a species… Plants [our ancient relatives] are leading the way, offering keys to our awakening, while helping us to expand our awareness and initiating us into what it truly means to live as sacred human beings on this planet.” Carol Guyett

I feel called to share these gifts and blessings I have encountered as I continue to learn more myself. Holding space in a safe way for deep transformation to occur makes my heart and soul sing. This is the reason why I have, with great care, put together a self-inquiry immersion/retreat that brings in the nature-based practices, plant medicines and yoga (along with yoga nidra). As many of you know, I always work with people I trust and who have integrity with this work. I feel honored to be offering this along side a medicine woman with Peruvian roots with a multi-generational shamanic lineage, as well as a couple who share many years of experience in yogic philosophy/practices, counseling and work with plants. Our days (and nights) will be shared in sacred space including yoga practices, meditation, ceremonies in the form of a sweat lodge, plant work, council/integration circles, all the while being nourished with garden grown foods and plenty of rest. 

If this calls to you, if you’re waiting for a sign, this is it! I know that the time we will spend together will be profound and inspirational.
I’m not sure whether this sort of immersion in this particular configuration will be offered again.
If this speaks to you, or if you know someone who needs to be touched by some magic in their life, please contact me and please share!
I’d be super delighted to accompany anyone willing to step onto the invisible road in becoming more fully HUMAN.

When: June 29 – July 9, 2017 (10 days)
Where: Sacred Valley, Peru at Sach’a Munay Retreat Center
For more information and an application: