Kerry SOSA Graduate

After a serious crush injury via a car accident in May 2010 I spend three months in hospital suffering three pelvic fractures, two spinal fractures, one compound fracture of left tibia, some level of damage to every ligament in both knees and they are just the major injuries. I await surgery for more than 15 hours to place a 12-inch nail in my lower left leg.

After four more surgeries, six weeks of full-time care in my own home it is another 18 months before I am walking without any aids at all.

I am sick of being a sick person hanging out with sick people. I decide that I am not going to therapies any more with all sick, geriatric and invalid. I give up the gym membership that the insurance company bought for me because I feel like an alien in there too. I remember how good yoga made me feel.

So I go to my first yoga class in years. I feel liberated. I start to get bendier with each class I take. I’m still not sure I will ever do child’s pose again but I keep going because my body is responding and is telling me “thank you”.

My mind responds too and in October 2013 I attend a mindfulness retreat in Bali that my friend is facilitating. We do yoga every day. I ask my friend if I am a yoga teacher will she consider using me for her retreats. She says yes. Another friend hands me a leaflet for SOSA YTT in Bali. So in April 2014 I am back in Bali to attend the 200 hours YTT with SOSA.

Simone always wears beautiful jewellery and one day I admire one of the pieces as I am keen to own one the same. She kindly tells me where I can find it but as it was last year’s model there are none left in the shop. So I decide I will try to make one.

Before I leave Bali for Sydney I ask my friend in Legian if she will teach me to make a mala – hand-knotted. We sit on the floor of her shop and she shows me how.

That was six months ago. What I have learned about crystals, beads, gemstones, elastic, waxed cord, fishing line, tiger tail, spacers, crimps, parrot clasps, bicones, briolettes, etc. is enough to make me dizzy!

I am in Bali as I write this and have just completed a silver-making class and have booked again for tomorrow so I can learn some more.

I started making only malas and Hindu/yoga related jewellery but will make just about anything now. I always seem to have a new idea up there somewhere and am keen to try it out. I have new ideas for silver jewellery when I get home and will be keen to try them out.

I held a jewellery party at my house last month and lots of friends came and brought friends. It was lots of fun and now lots of people are wearing a piece of kerasana jewellery. Many friends have also told me that there is no-one out there to repair old well-loved pieces of jewellery. Everyone wants to sell you a new shiny piece of something. So many people have a piece of their mother or grandmother’s pearls that need re-stringing or a string of crystals with a broken clasp. As I am a lover of vintage stuff and up-cycling and renewing, I love seeing these pieces come to life again.

So yoga has not only saved me but has changed the direction of my life in all kinds of ways. I am healthier, happier, more blessed and grateful than I have been in, well… perhaps ever!

Kerry Grant


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Mishaal SOSA Graduate

I went to my first yoga class back in ’87, the same year I started belly dancing, and a year before I started traveling. I found together yoga and bellydance, were a rich and powerful combination, both contrasting, and complimentary to each other. Dance has always been my passion in life, and I went on to pursue it as my profession, and in ’97 I started teaching. As a long time gypsy traveler, I always approached dance as an intuitive, mystical, and transformational art form. Yoga has always had a significant influence in my dance practice, and paying attention to breath has always been essential. Over the years I did a lot of research and study in dance, history, culture, and spirituality, yet I felt I was still lacking in scientific knowledge of the body, and I also wanted to learn a more methodical approach to teaching. It was time for me to take an in-depth look into yoga, and see how the teachings could also be applied to dance. The SOSA training gave me the rich in-depth study of yoga, movement, anatomy, energetics, body awareness, class structure and so much more, that I was craving for many years.

In the past 3 years since completing the SOSA program, I have gained more confidence, and solid grounding as a teacher, and I have lead more than 10 ‘Sacred Earth Belly Dance’, and ‘Shakti Dance’ Retreats in Bali. I teach dance and yin yoga during the retreats. Through dance, yoga, mediation, and healthy living, the retreats are exclusively for women, with a focus on coming back to our senses, connecting with nature, looking deep within, and healing and honoring the divine feminine, and celebrating life. I share dance as a flowing moving mediation, and as a sacred offering, and I’m devoted to help bring the healing energy of feminine wisdom, beauty, and love out to our world through dance, and into all areas of our lives. I’ve recently taught workshops in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the UK, and Im currently leading Shakti Dance classes at Taksu Spa in Ubud. Im grateful to call Bali my home, and leading retreats here is a dream come true. Im ever thankful to Simone and Troy, and all the SOSA team.

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