testimonial-mandala I grew every day from the beautiful lessons that Simone, Troy and the amazing guest teachers who they invited offered us. They share so much love with all the students, creating a wonderful atmosphere. If you’re reading this testimonial right now because you’re still doubting if you should ‘jump’ in this adventure: Don’t hesitate, just do it! testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala Its been SSSSSOOOOO great. My gratitude is immeasurable. You truly have delivered a quality, interesting, versatile, challenging and rewarding program. The other teachers have been incredibly valuable and your insight to bring these modalities together is fascinating and fantastic. You have touched on many aspects of my life, things that I have been interested in and have confirmed ideas and instincts I have been working with that I can now more fully engage. Your grace and beauty are inspiring and I have felt very safe and nurtured. Thanks to you and Troy for this journey. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala The teacher training with SOSA was an amazing, unforgettable experience, with a great variety of teachers, subjects and workshops. It changed my life; I found a new direction, my true life’s passion-so I’ve changed my work! I know now where I want to place all of my energy and effort. I feel so grateful, and I’m convinced that this is just the beginning, with the world having many more delights in store for me. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala Training with SOSA changed my life. I was in a good, happy, healthy place when I started but the outstanding teachings, suggestions and encouragement throughout the course led me to the best place I have ever been. Do I feel qualified to teach yoga? Yes. Did my asana improve? Yes. And more than that, I now feel that I’m living a more peaceful, genuine, contented, flavoursome existence than I ever imagined myself capable of. I wake up everyday feeling incredibly grateful for the choices that I made. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala The beauty in your teachings was absolutely magical; thanks again for a magnificent course. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala To say that my experience during my teacher training with SOSA at the Yoga Barn was incredible would be an understatement. It was incredibly, magically amazing and the times and memories shall remain wrapped in a cloud within my heart, to be remembered and treasured forevermore. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala The SOSA teacher training was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!!! Just beautiful!!! Words will never describe the gratitude I have for the teachers and my fellow students. We were continually surrounded by love, light and laughter. Thank you SOSA from the bottom of my heart. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala I grew every day from the beautiful lessons that Simone, Troy and the amazing guest teachers who they invited offered us. They share so much love with all the students, creating a wonderful atmosphere. If you’re reading this testimonial right now because you’re still doubting if you should ‘jump’ in this adventure: Don’t hesitate, just do it! testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala I have been to many trainings, workshops and seminars and yet I was deeply touched by the SOSA trainers. They were not just teaching yoga, anatomy, nutrition etc.; they were teaching from a higher level. I could just feel, see, hear and experience their integrity and congruency. They were not just teachers or trainers sharing knowledge: they were living breathing yogis and yoginis. I felt inspired, I saw and felt how my body became even more, stronger, agile, and vibrating at a higher frequency. I felt how my mind relaxed even more and how my spirit was elevated. Their love for yoga and life touched me deeply and I am very grateful to have been able to participate at their YTT! Thank you, Simone, Troy, Cat and Brother! Keep up the amazing good work. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala The School of Sacred Arts is able to offer an incredible holistic yoga teacher training and I was so impressed at the amount of information we were able to cover in four weeks. The course has completely enriched my life and deepened my practice on so many levels. Simone and Troy truly are living and practicing yogis, we were able to learn so much from their deep knowledge of yoga as well as from their graceful, loving and gentle nature as people. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala A month of learning and sharing with amazing teachers and a fabulous group. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and those magic moments, and for the new yogic family I have now. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala I cannot recommend the SOSA training highly enough. As a yoga practitioner of more than fourteen years, I have experienced countless teachers, classes and retreats. I started the SOSA teacher training thinking I was just going to tick a box, get a certificate that would aide my CV in human services, and get on with my daily life when it was done. However, in addition to receiving certification as a yoga teacher, I had one of the most formative, supportive, joyous and illuminating experiences of my life, and have since completely restructured my world and career plans to accommodate this dramatic change of heart! testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala A door has been opened because of this wonderful training. Thank you, SOSA, for this experience and knowledge. With much gratitude, we begin our lives anew, embarking on a mission to share these things with our community,… testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful, highly interesting and challenging training. I’ve learned so much! It’s been amazing how all the classes, the talks and ceremonies fit together so well, with you two (Simone and Troy) as the captains on a ship that was always steady and floating in the water, with all these amazing people on board like Uma, Joseph, Cat, Sky and Marcus-all genuine, intelligent teachers with an open mind and a rich life-experience. Just like you! I liked the clear way you both teach. Always emphasizing that there are so many ways to live your life and approach yoga. There is not just one way. Always… looking at things with an open mind and an open heart. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala I came to the SOSA teacher training in Ubud to take my practice to another level, so that I can teach. In the end, I rediscovered myself; I learned more about myself than ever before, how to see my inner light and the inner light in others. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala All SOSA teachers are experienced practitioners, inspirational human beings who ‘walk the talk’ and teach from the heart. They not only ‘hold space’ impeccably but also immerse themselves fully in the practice and evolution of the group as a whole. I would recommend the School of Sacred Arts to anyone who wanted more than a standard yoga course. A standard yoga course this is not. It is much, much more. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala When I came to the teacher training in Ubud (Bali) I expected to do asana and listen to some history and anatomy. I didn’t expect to meet so many new friends and I didn’t expect to be inspired. I will never forget the closing ceremony, looking around me and feeling so honoured to sit amongst all those special people. I read somewhere that you always get the teacher you deserve. I must have some bloody good karma going on. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala I am so incredibly grateful to have shared the time with you all on this beautiful adventure of life, a short time but so powerful. Thank you to everyone of you…those who made it possible for me and opened the door, those who delighted in the learning alongside me…and those who guided me and giggled with me…thank you. You have all remained close and I think of you everyday…we shared something so sacred and special… testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala Thank you for an incredible, transformative experience. The stars must have been perfectly aligned for me to find SOSA…the friendly vibe, the course content etc. completely drew me in…I just knew it would be great, and it was! The posture clinics, the lectures, the workshops – all of it was so interesting, challenging and rewarding. Simone, Troy, Uma, Tina and Cat, not only really know their stuff, but are also great facilitators as well as kind and caring individuals. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala An incredible, special, life-changing month; words can’t truly express how I feel. So, I’ll just say thank you, with all of my heart. I never dreamed that I’d look back and not want to change a single thing about my experience. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala The teacher training was a profound experience on both a personal and professional level. The course was extremely comprehensive, balancing a plethora of yoga-related subjects both theoretical and practical. The approachable yet truly professional approach of Troy and Simone was a real inspiration and ensured the huge syllabus and long hours flew by seamlessly. The course was thoughtful and thorough, bringing together a collection of yogic principles, ideals and passionate teachers who each added their own flair and dimension to these ancient teachings and delivered a consistent message, encouraging my confidence both as a practitioner and teacher. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala I’m a true believer that ‘as you admire, so you can become.’ After my yoga teacher training with School of Sacred Arts, I feel extraordinarily well positioned on my path of ‘becoming.’ I am full of admiration for Simone, Troy, Uma, Cat and Joseph-and full of gratitude to have been the student of such exceptional teachers for my first teacher training. The course took me far beyond my expectations of what a 200-hour training could entail. My own yoga practice is more expansive, more meaningful and deeper than it has ever been. I feel fully prepared to begin teaching now and am excited to share all that I have learned. testimonial-mandala


testimonial-mandala The SOSA training gave me the confidence to start teaching yoga straight away. The variety of teachers we experienced helped me to identify the teaching style I’d like to further develop. It was a great chance to have more than a single teacher to relate to, because every one of them gave us a slightly different perspective on yoga. At the same time, the many yoga-related topics covered allowed me not only to insert yoga in a wider context but also to broaden my personal worldview. This training was for me a unique spiritual experience; indeed, perfect conditions to gain spiritual insights were created, and so I’m grateful to have been part of this shining process! testimonial-mandala