Even a basic investigation of Ayurveda (the science of life), or Hatha Yoga (the science of spirit) not to mention Tantra (the science of power) will reveal that true, authentic yoga is all about purity and balance-not how strenuous or challenging the style is, how popular or famous your teacher is, or how good your butt looks.

A word to the wise: The spiritual marketplace? It’s all bullshit-or mostly so. And anyone who tells you ‘this is the only way, this is the right way’ should be dealt with…by walking away.

Want to go deeper? Want to find Truth? Just like everything else that isn’t part of the dominant paradigm, you have to work a bit harder to find it. It’s out there though, and at least as important-it’s in there! Not so much hidden as veiled, waiting to be discovered by sincere seekers-just like it has always been. That’s just the way The Spirit works.

What you will find, in part, is the rising feminine. And not a moment too soon-it is the only thing that is going to save us at this point. Start by finding it and nurturing it in yourself-creating that balance within-and we may see our world shift yet.

Om Shanti