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“At a certain point in our evolution, it becomes obvious that we are here to serve all beings who cross our path, in the best way we can, in every moment possible.”

–Troy McFadden, SOSA co-founder

The School of Sacred Arts (“SOSA”) offers continuing support and guidance for teacher training graduates, workshop and retreat attendees, and anyone who wishes to go deeper and move forward with their personal and professional growth and development.

We offer several different approaches to serve varying needs, including:

We will match your needs and objectives with the most appropriate SOSA facilitator. In regards to individual sessions and facilitated groups, you’ll be working with team members who are professionally trained, practicing coaches.

Our TeamUp course meets the mandatory requirement for Continuing Education (CE) credits for all Yoga Alliance registered teachers

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Whether you are embarking on a new career as a yoga teacher, seeking support and guidance as you refine your skills and navigate the industry, or are a more established instructor looking for new inspiration both personally and professionally, we’re here to help.

You understand that the arena of modern yoga can be both incredibly rewarding and challenging, no matter what your level of knowledge or experience is. Sometimes, we end up believing that we have to compromise in order to “make it” as a yoga teacher. While it is true that art and commerce are notoriously strange bedfellows, it is equally true that you’ll never feed your soul by teaching something you don’t believe in, in a way that doesn’t respect your bent of nature, just to be on the schedule at a studio or make an income from yoga. You know this, in your heart of hearts, with deep certainty.

We have been teaching yoga students and teaching teachers for decades, having trained hundreds of instructors from dozens of nations, many of whom have gone on to create successful careers and lifestyles for themselves. We’ve watched the marketplace change, grow, evolve, and explode into a multi-billion dollar industry. We’ve seen it become increasingly competitive, more mainstream, and more eclectic, specialized, and sophisticated.

You want to stay inspired with your practices and your teaching. In truth, it’s absolutely essential if you are to consistently pass the spirit of aliveness, potential, and joy unto others. You can do this as an inherent part, and a direct result, of taking care of your own needs.

We know how it is. We’ve been there, and now we’re here. By remaining in integrity, no matter what, we became successful. If you are not already, in a way that allows you to stay true to yourself while honoring the spirit of that which you teach, let’s get you there, together. 

“Become loyal to your innermost truth. Follow the way when all others abandon it. Walk the path of your own heart.” – Zen Proverb

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Individual Life Coaching / Mindfulness Mentoring:

Are you truly happy, satisfied, fulfilled? What would you like to change? What do you want? How does that look? Why aren’t you experiencing it now?

Our highly personalized, results-oriented mindfulness coaching sessions approach draws from traditional mindfulness practices, modern neuroscience, and various wisdom traditions, increasing your awareness of your personality (with its strengths and limitations) your emotions and your intuition, which you will access, navigate and benefit from an increasingly skillful and reliable ways.

Rather than allowing your unconscious patterns, judgments, and limiting beliefs to determine your current and future experiences, as you become more acquainted with how your mind, brain, and heart function, mindfulness coaching will help you choose your actions from an increasingly expanded awareness, best suited to the moment at hand, providing you with a fuller, more enjoyable, more successful experience of life.

Therapeutic while not being “therapy”, these coaching or ‘mindfulness mentoring’ sessions as we like to call them will guide you into greater and greater degrees of personal empowerment (via passionate curiosity, appropriate challenges, and radical self-responsibility) all while supporting you with an open, receptive heart.

Whether your focus is career, family, or relationships (which by necessity must include the one with yourself) this process leads to your aspirations, goals, and dreams being made manifest. It is designed to change your life—and this is your Life, after all!

Overcome the notion that you must be regular —
It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary. — Uta Hagen

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Facilitated Group Coaching (TeamUp)

TeamUp serves you—yoga teacher training graduates, practitioners and instructors—by deepening your skill set: improving your ability to hold space, effectively communicate, and utilize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in a way that is both easily accessible and transformative.

Essentially, it’s an exploration of the stages and dimensions of spiritual growth, based in mindfulness and the latest neuroscience, while drawing from ancient wisdom (including Yoga and Buddhism). While not including any form of asana practice per se, the exercises you’ll work with fall within the yogic, meditative, and shamanic traditions. 

More specifically, it’s a 9 “module” on-line coaching program that takes place with a facilitator and three other participants in what we call “Triads”. Each module involves a 90-minute weekly Skype conference call with all participants and the facilitator (who holds a Yoga Alliance E-RYT registration) to discuss the requisite reading and videos from the week prior. Additionally, you’ll communicate via an on-line “Forum” where you’ll reflect on the weekly consciousness exercises in written form, receiving additional guidance and support from both the facilitator and the other participants.

What we and many others have found is, in walking through the TeamUp process with fellow practitioners who are equally committed to genuine personal growth, who show up for each other each week, magic happens. Magic that, paradoxically, keeps it real. Magic that deeply bonds us with our fellow humans, even as we may be across the world from one another and may never meet in person. Magic that helps us on that long journey from our heads to our hearts—where wisdom begins.

But don’t take our word for it—we invite you to experience it for yourself.

Note: This program fulfills all of the required non-contact hours as outlined by the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program (YACEP).

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Ethical Business Consulting

Seva is a Sanskrit term meaning “selfless service”, and it is the foundation on which we built our business. We view business as a vehicle to serve others. When you take care of others, you will be taken care of as well. Our story is our proof.

The old ways of prioritizing profits over people, of justifying decisions and actions as “just business”—even as they differ from our core values—are dying out. They have to. They are unsustainable, personally and globally. They are based in fear and greed, and are therefore limited and limiting.

We believe in and abide by a new, progressive form of capitalism. We are aligned with the principles of Sacred Commerce. We’re thriving, and we will help you to thrive.

Our business model is simple, built on what we call the “four pillars”: quality, integrity, authenticity, and transparency. Building your “service vehicle” with these pillars is a sure recipe for success, as there’s always a market for excellence. The cream rises to the top, as the old saying goes. 

Let us help you build your business in a way that is aligned with your higher self, in a way that brings you affluence on all levels. From the minutia to your grand vision, we’ll support, guide, and consult you as you practice your yoga—in the marketplace.

“No need to think outside the box; simply realize there is no box.”

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Natural Health and Wellness Consultations

Health is everything. We all know this, and many of us take it for granted until issues arise, adopting an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to our wellbeing, rather than a pro-active one. 

There’s a tremendous amount of information out there, much of it contradictory, much of it from either the allopathic (western medicine) perspective, which is often inadequate to serve our needs beyond “the absence of disease”, or else it’s put forth by zealots and extremists outside the mainstream with their own agendas and limitations. Even capable, well-trained, well-meaning practitioners often have lots of knowledge and advice but not the answers that you need.

And yet? Each and every “modality” has a great deal to offer us; it’s just that navigating them can be time-consuming and challenging (especially when we are not feeling well!)

I’ve trained and served as a healer, I’ve establishing wellness centers, and I teach nutrition, detoxification and mindfulness. I’ve also navigated my own health challenges, some of which have been extreme, by experimenting with a wide array of treatments (including some of the most progressive, hi-tech integrative medicine modalities). In doing so I have become the beneficiary of much information, knowledge, and experience. With lengthy dietary “experiments” from Vegan to Paleo, Raw to Macrobiotic, after having been under the care of and/or working in association with doctors of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic traditions, partaking in everything from ozone treatments to Panchakarma, colon cleansing to shamanic healing, plant medicines to prescription medicines, I now specialize in supporting you with the following symptoms:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety and Stress Reduction
  • Depression
  • Fasting/Cleansing/Detox (including heavy metal chelation)
  • Pain Management
  • Immunity
  • Nutrition

Whether your aim is to optimize already radiant health and wellbeing or to recover from illness and “dis-ease”, I am here to help distill, explain, support and guide you through this often difficult, confusing, challenging terrain. I know it is easy to feel hopeless, exasperated, and exhausted dealing with all of this—that’s why I’m here.

True healing begins to unfold as we learn to accept, and then embrace, the reality of our situations. Aside from all the physical treatments, much of the process involves reframing the symptoms as lessons, teachings, and even blessings (which often involves forgiveness for ourselves and others) which guides us towards deeper self-knowledge and wisdom, towards greater balance and health.

“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy”

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